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Festival Adventures and a life with Music

In December 2021 until early 2022 we visited Senegal and The Gambia both to carry out some work but also to have some down time with friends and family. Sens was invited to be the Cultural Ambassador at the Know How Festival in Koubanao, Cassa Senegal and I was visiting as part of the research we have been doing on Creativity and Unity for Social and economic development. This visitation was the latest in a series of Festival and skills building workshops we have he’d in both Manchester and Senegal.

We believe well considered artistic and cultural events are highly suited platforms from which to stimulate creative, cultural and business oriented initiatives which promote the themes of peace and unity and look to encourage and support economic development for the communities participating.

Within Senegal is clear there is a lack of basic infrastructure (especially the digital infrastructure) across the country which creates a series of particular challenges for development and innovation within the country. Indeed, it is for this reason, that Senegal is perfectly placed for the arts and healing to come together to reaffirmed the State desire to desire put culture at the heart of the issue of national economic and social development. This link is something that is helped by the fact that many West African performing diasporas often hail from conflict zones and so represent some of the most marginalised people in the world who have managed to overcome enormous challenges.

The growing use of culture, and in particular music and art, as part of wider efforts to address issues of development within Senegal is reflected in the activities of the many of past collaborators that we have already worked with to date. 

The 1st Annual Festival du Saviour- Faire or Know How Festival was a resounding success with some 1800 visitors to Koubanao over the 2-day period.

Highlights of the 2021 Festival included outstanding performances from The Cultural Ballet Dijboomcassa: Local traditional performances including the Cumpo and the Samay and the Agomella performances; a wonderful Evening Soiree; International guests and dignitaries; Academic engagement with representatives from the University of Manchester, UK; well attended and organised youth activities.

The festival ran on a shoestring budget with financial donations from founding members The Cultural Ballet Dijboomcass, Sens Sagna (Cultural Ambassador) & Dr Greenhill, The Koubanao Kunda. Voluntary and in-kind services were provided by Mr Mussa Jalo, the Lallia Badiane  (meals), Yousoupha Badiane(tourist guide).

While the event was free to the public this year direct financial recouperation was made by the Koubanao Compou with tourist hotel and accommodation costs going directly to the village.

We hope you will enjoy both some of our stories but also many of the photographs taken. copyright Kajamor Roots.

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